Twitter dating hashtags

17-Feb-2016 20:57

Twitter is a platform where users share their thoughts, news and all sorts of information in under 140 characters of text.The platform creates a low-cost way for everyone to communicate with and reach out to more people all over the world.

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If you're still apprehensive whether the micro-blogging universe is really for you, perhaps you're just experiencing stranger anxiety. can be a pretty intimidating platform at first glance, what with all the jargon and quirky characters everyone uses (not to mention the pressure to have a throng of followers! The anxiety is normal and most newbies find themselves stumped over what to do next after they create their Twitter account. For a smooth start, you only need to get a handle of the basic principles of Twitter use -- and, fortunately, it's not rocket science.

In an interview with , creator Leesa Dean describes it as a "Twitter stories/chat mash-up party," and has partnered with filmmaker Nicole Franklin to create an interactive experience made up of themes, interviews, and stories.