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A lack of accountability and investment in cyber-security measures has been blamed for the recent Wannacry virus that hit NHS IT systems last month, a report released today by The Chartered Institute for IT has found.

Research has revealed that more than 40% of parents in Scotland admit they actively dislike one or more of their children’s friends and that one in three can’t stand the parents of their kid’s pals either.

'Olivia Benson has company with Taylor's other cat, Meredith Grey - named after Ellen Pompeo's Grey's Anatomy doctor.

The pets are named after TV characters she considers to be 'strong, complex, independent women'.

SSPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn told The Times: 'It is common for the breed to suffer from serious health problems.'The cartilage and bones do not develop properly, which leads to arthritis and other painful joint diseases that can cause reluctance to move, abnormal posture and gait, lameness and short, misshapen limbs.''We welcome any change to legislation to prevent the breeding and sale of Scottish fold cats.'A Scottish Government spokesman said: 'There is currently no breeding ban on the Scottish fold cat or restrictions on cat breeding in Scotland.'However, we are currently considering the issue of pet breeding as part of an ongoing review of pet welfare.'The Scottish government would encourage anyone breeding any type of animal to avoid breeding from any individual animals with genetic problems likely to give rise to ill health.'Taylor has said that Olivia Benson refuses to stay confined in a cat carrier, so she has to tote it around during outings.'The kitten freaks out about being put in the cat carrier,' she explained to Access Hollywood of snaps taken last year showing the pop star on an excursion with her pet.'So I was just like, "OK, all right, we're gonna just do this!

This ancient fault line was used to create the remarkable Caledonian Canal extending from the west coast to the east, from Loch Linnhe to the Moray Firth.This property has agreed to be part of our Preferred Property Program, which groups together properties that stand out because of their excellent service and quality/price ratio with competitive prices.Participation in the program requires meeting a specific set of criteria and takes feedback from previous guests into account. Probably one of the most charming boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. The Scottish Planter Glendevon Bungalow is a majestic place.While much of this mountainous region is uninhabited (and therefore excellent for hiking and biking adventures) it does boast many lovely small towns and villages.

One of the prettiest is the tiny coastal town of Dornoch, noted for its cathedral and castle ruins.

Surrounded by a beautiful garden and beautiful tea plantations you will find yourself relaxed after some nice cups of fresh tea.