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Carbon dating works just fine on anything man made however, as most of our tools and artifacts date to well within this 40000 year period. Given those stipulations it is quite useful for dating organic plant material that is between approximately 60 and 60,000 years old.

It goes something like you determine the layer, find a seed in that layer...carbon date the have an age on the piece of pottery. But you must also realize that carbon 14 is hardly the only radioactive isotope out there with a predictable rate of decay. Potassium Argon 40's half life is around 1.3 billion years. Carbon dating is just the most accurate in the short term arena.

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What I want to do in this video is kind of introduce you to the idea of, one, how carbon-14 comes about, and how it gets into all living things. They can also be alpha particles, which is the same thing as a helium nucleus. And they're going to come in, and they're going to bump into things in our atmosphere, and they're actually going to form neutrons. And we'll show a neutron with a lowercase n, and a 1 for its mass number. And what's interesting about this is this is constantly being formed in our atmosphere, not in huge quantities, but in reasonable quantities. Because as soon as you die and you get buried under the ground, there's no way for the carbon-14 to become part of your tissue anymore because you're not eating anything with new carbon-14.The magnitude of this error for each past date can in principle be determined with the help of long-lived trees laying down annual growth rings, since the rings can be counted up to obtain an absolute calendar date in the past for each ring, and a carbon sample of wood dated in this manner can then be analyzed for its carbon 14 / carbon 12 ratio. However, the archaeological For further reference two links are provided.In this way, measured radiocarbon dates can be "calibrated" to take account of fluctuations in the atmospheric carbon ratio. The first one is linked to a Christian Organization.The effect of this correction is that, for materials with apparent (that is, uncalibrated) dates between about 10 B. Archaeologists often distinguish calibrated from uncalibrated dates by writing the former in upper-case letters and the latter in lower-case letters (for example, 3000 B.

C., the true (calibrated) date is between a few centuries and a thousand years earlier. There seem to be various estimates, around the year mark.