Canadian laws on dating a minor

19-Jul-2016 02:30

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The permanent resident card replaces the paper IMM 1000 Record of Landing document and will be the official proof of status document for Canadian permanent residents.

Canadian permanent residents presently located outside of Canada, who do not have a permanent resident card, should visit a Canadian visa office to obtain a limited-use travel document at a cost of .

If you are the holder of a Returning Resident Permit, you can no longer use this document to travel to Canada as it is not valid for this purpose under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which replaced the previous legislation on June 28, 2002. Section 28 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which is quoted on the back of this letter, sets out the conditions for complying with the residency obligation, as well as the conditions under which humanitarian and compassionate exemptions may be considered.

You may apply by submitting the completed application for a travel document (permanent resident abroad) along with supporting documents and the receipt of payment of the processing fee.

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You should present your Card to the transportation company as evidence of your entitlement to return to Canada.Summary offences tend to be less serious ones, indictable more serious.Complaint is Sworn The police swear a complaint and present it to a judge.In Canada criminal law is enacted by the Federal Parliament.

Canadian Criminal Law procedure in Canada is concerned with: Offences are set out in the The Canadian Criminal Code and are divided into two broad types: "summary" and "indictable".

If the judge feels the person should be made to come and answer the accusation that has been made the judge will issue either a summons, or a warrant for arrest.

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