Alison krauss dating john waite

27-May-2016 03:18

Waite was born in Lancaster, and was educated at Lancaster Art College (The Storey Institute).

Waite first came to attention as the lead singer and bassist of The Babys, a British rock band which had moderate chart success, including two pop hits that both coincidentally peaked at No.

LT80s: In it, Nina Blackwood describes you as a romantic figure, and I’m quoting her here. But we really had a great relationship, and I still bump into her here and there, and we’ll e-mail each other. LT80s: I think a lot of people obviously associate you with your 1984 number one hit, . It took ten minutes to write it, and maybe that’s why. I thought you had written it about my own heartache.

LT80s: I want to personally thank you for — I was in junior high when it was number one and had just been dumped for the first time.

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Stopping now.) And then, one summer evening, you may find yourself singing karaoke with friends and take over Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" when your friend chickens out then remember that the very best karaoke song for a Georgia girl is Alan Jackson's "Chattahoochee", and, as you belt out "it gets hotter than a hoochee coochie," you may wax nostalgic about the simpler days of your life, when you could hit all the notes, understand all the lyrics, and every song was a crowd pleaser, because they were about life, love and liberty. We tried our best to hold wino counsel on the rooftop, but it wasn't quite warm enough yet, so once the sun set we went back to my apartment where there was, incidentally, more wine. It sparked a little memory for me, so then I suggested "Grandpa Tell Me 'Bout the Good Ole Days" by The Judds. and that meant the Metro wasn't running and we'd been singing really loudly for a lot of hours. Thankfully District Flea hadn't shut down yet and I was able to get an apology pie from Whisked! My neighbor graciously accepted my apology and told me she had kind of wanted to join our country karaoke party because her roommate doesn't listen to country and she loves it.

But it meant that much to that many people, and I made it up on the spot. LT80s: For all of the junior high girls in 1984, thank you. It [] was number one, and all the people in New York City that I used to know in the street, little old ladies walking their dogs, or the guy that used to run the coffee shop, the spaghetti shop, and the Indian restaurant; they were all super proud of me. I’ve always adored New York City, and it felt like that was the most exciting thing, really, just having succeeded from coming from nothing, because it was black and white. I think there’s a time and a place for bands to exist, and then it’s done. In something like “If You Ever Get Lonely,” it is kind of delicate, but it’s got a big chorus. Hopefully, another live record around November, and then back in the studio to see what we got for a studio record. I generally license my records out to big companies like Universal, and then after a certain time they come back to me.