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I was honored to be in Laurel's wedding party and I look forward to having her as a bridesmaid.

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I think any filmmaker worth his or her salt aspires to make a black-and-white film at some point in their career. The old pros are my favorite actors to work with, and I’ve been lucky enough in my short career to have had Messrs. Omaha in particular — I call it Paris of the Plains — is a very rich city to live in. The same slew of errands that cost me 3.5 hours in Los Angeles will cost me 50 minutes in Omaha. At 5, I fell madly in love with movies, and began collecting 8mm prints of old films when I was 8 or 9.Maybe it was the modesty displayed by Chris Klein and Jessica Campbell, unknown actors cast to play the sibling duo that would challenge Tracy in the heated race.This is to say nothing of Witherspoon, whose manic performance etched itself among the greatest screen characters of the '90s, nor director Alexander Payne, who would soon become one of Hollywood's most respected auteurs.Nicholson, (Beau) Bridges, (Robert) Forster, Keach and Dern and now June Squibb in two movies. I have more time to think, to write; life is simpler here in the best way. As a second-generation Greek from Nebraska, I had no examples around me of a career in the arts, and I certainly had no film connections. When I saw “Seven Samurai” in 1982, that pretty much sealed my decision to go to film school.

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(She was, briefly, Jack Nicholson’s wife in “About Schmidt.”) They know how to discern what film is being made, in order to be a part of that film and adjust their performance accordingly. (After graduating from Stanford) I applied to five film schools. I thought, “I’ll never climb a mountain that high, but what a nice mountain to be on.” Later, I’ve liked Robert Kennedy, during his last two years.

For every lurch in one direction, you can count on a corresponding shift in the opposite direction, given sufficient time; certain elements of the U. Tom Perrotta, who wrote the source novel (though not the screenplay), was directly inspired by the 1992 election, in which Bill Clinton and George Bush were challenged by the unusually popular third-party candidate H.

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